Pakistan has a water crisis. We need billions of dollars and many years to build dams to avert this disaster. The Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken up the cause and the Prime Minister has joined in. The two are leading the Nation on the march; collecting funds for the dams. Money trickles in but we are a long way from making it happen. It will take too much time for us to generate the required amount. The disaster of drought will overtake our enthusiasm and ability.

I believe that there is a way we could make the water storage dams in record time. We can beat the clock and, more importantly, do it extremely cheaply if only we are able to take a cue from Mother Nature.

In January 2010, a slight earth tremor caused a landslide and the Attabad Lake was created overnight.

On 28th May 1998 we made a massive mountain tremble and shake off millennia of dust and rubble.

Make the connection.

Why not carry out controlled explosions to create earth dams at the narrow gorges on Indus? Diamer Bhasha, Munda and yes, even Kalabagh? These highly constricted passages are reasonably easy to block for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. A flight of F16s armed with appropriately fused MK 84 bombs guided on to geological stress fracture points with laser guided precision would be able to move enough mountain to stem the flow of water at any gorge. Army Sappers have the expertise to do the same in a ground-based operation. Maybe a joint operation is the solution. We have brilliant minds that can evolve a plan at short notice. We have the SPD, SUPARCO, the Geological Survey of Pakistan and a host of other organizations staffed with talented geniuses who can work out the details. Fracture points, tonnage, weight of effort, concentration of force…. they can easily figure out all the operational parameters to move the requisite amount of earth. Pakistan has the ability. All that is needed is a bold, decision maker who can accept solutions ‘outside the box’.

This is my sincere belief. I am convinced that we have the means, the materials, the personnel and the ability to literally move mountains. WE CAN CREATE EARTH DAMS FOR WATER STORAGE OVERNIGHT AT AN AMAZINGLY LOW COST. Generating Hydel power from these storages can be accomplished later.

All that is needed is an Executive Order.