I wrote this a few days after the US Seal Team Six raid on Osama Bin Laden’s residence in Abbotabad. I was obviously wrong. The bride slumbers on.


The last proposal came soon after 9/11. Its wording was irresistible and a vulnerable, perhaps even desirous bride had no option but to accept and climb into bed once again with her long time lover. With the renewed liaison came another round of recognition, showers, gifts, toys, goodies. Parties in distant, exotic environments, cutting edge appliances, high speed computers, fast boats, much faster jets and a host of shiny but useless trinkets that kept the bride happy, indeed delirious over her renewed liaison with an old, mercurial partner. The gifts, never too many, never too lavish, were always sought after, always welcomed and always displayed to all the neighbors as is done with eastern dowries. With childish glee and the implied vernacular. The honeymoon was enjoyable and lasted long. Of course, it was not always smooth sailing. The two had the occasional spat, yet they persevered.

But now, sadly but inevitably, the honeymoon is over. A new dawn is breaking over the disheveled love nest. Long nights of constant partying are over. It is time now to wake up and do the chores.

Its time to do the dishes

There is that big dirty dish left behind by an errant doctor. It carries stains that will require some serious scrubbing. There are the innumerable dirty dishes left behind by the religious zealots. A few of these can be cleaned by simply rinsing them in a mild detergent; others have festered while the lovers frolicked. Viral, mutant organisms have grown which now need to be cleaned by literally blowing them up using super powerful detergents.

Its time to do the washing.

Dirty hands that have been in dirtier tills will need to be scrubbed; dirty linen will need to be washed, sadly in public. Dirty rags, incapable of being cleansed shall need to be dispensed with, along with the heads that they adorn. Dirty money will need to be collected and cleansed.

Its time to sweep the floors, dust the carpets.

Carpets will have to be taken out and beaten. No longer would it be possible to sweep everything under them while pretending that filth does not exist. Musty minds, will need to be aired, odors and odious concepts shall need to be gotten rid of. Mildewed, outdated ideas shall have to be brought out from the cellars and attics of rotting brains and exposed to fresh air and the brilliant bright sun of a new world.

The bride kept hitting the snooze button hoping that slumber could continue but is now fully awakened by a earsplitting, horrific alarm rung in the early hours at my birthplace, the idyllic city of Abbottabad. She is wide awake and now needs to do get down to serious housework. She needs to do this if she wants to ensure that the mercurial lover remains interested in her frisky, aggressive but enticing charms. This may prove to be a bit difficult as the lover has already set his eyes on another, much better endowed, much more willing, far more skilled neighbor.

Its time to face reality.