I first heard the question during a comedy act. It was a joke and I should have let it pass but instead, it began to agitate my mind and I ended up researching evolution. I began seeking answers to age old questions that plague every sane mind. Where did we come from? Where are we headed? Why is there a solar system? Why is there a universe?

Why are there monkeys?

We believe that Earth is the only populated planet in this massive universe and that, of all the species that inhabit this planet, we are the most intelligent; the most advanced. Some attribute this is an act of a divine Creator who made everything; the universe, the solar system, earth, Man. Others believe in evolution. They believe that there was a ‘big bang’ and, over the span of millions of years, it resulted in us.

If one believes that we originated inside primordial ooze and then migrated from a watery existence to terra firma, shed our tails, grew opposing thumbs and are even now constantly changing and adapting to our environment, then the ‘why are there still monkeys’ question is glibly answered by professing that development is not a uniform process; some creatures move up the ladder whereas others are left behind. Hence amoeba, fish, reptiles, monkeys. At each stage, a few progress up the ladder while others stagnate at lower rungs. This may or may not be true; it is however, perfectly logical.

Where the evolutionist runs afoul of logic is that, having acknowledged the evolutionary process, he makes an elemental mistake which can only be attributed to arrogance. The evolutionist arbitrarily decides that we, humankind, are at the leading edge of the evolutionary process.

“We fast tracked it here’. This is why there are still monkeys”.

This is a fair but patently wrong answer. In answering thus, the evolutionist conveniently fails to consider the possibility that there may well be a faster track. Or many, much faster, tracks. He does not even begin to consider that somewhere else, perhaps in some other dimension another comedian of another species may well be asking a stunningly similar question from another, delirious audience.   “If we evolved from humans, why are there still humans”?   The evolutionist must consider the possibility that if we ‘fast tracked’ it on the evolutionary ladder, there may well be others that moved on an even faster track. There must logically exist a possibility of the presence of other beings, superior to man. An evolutionist must believe in the existence of a complete hierarchy of species that may well have evolved faster than us.

If a fish can migrate to land, if a reptile can stand erect, if a prehistoric animal can shed its tail, if a creature can develop an opposing thumb; then it stands to reason that there may well be a life form that shed not just a tail but its entire body and evolved into an invisible, intangible being. There may well have been some humans that developed their brains into something far more capable. Having shed a body and developed a superior brain, they may have acquired an ability to predict events. These entities may have been left behind by another subset on a faster track who graduated to being able to control events. Of them there may be some who continued on a yet faster track and evolved into beings having the attributes of light or other, yet unknown forms of energy capable  of traversing interstellar space. There might even be forms that have developed the ability to create events, conjure up matter; construct life forms.

And then this. If there be an ongoing evolutionary process, it stands to reason that it has to continue until a definite, absolute end. There must therefore exist an entity that cannot evolve any more. The evolutionary process has to terminate when the creature that came alive in primordial ooze has morphed into perfection. The glob of ooze must eventually evolve into a being that is all knowing, all powerful, all capable, omnipotent, omnipresent, omni everything.

The evolutionist believes that this finality has yet to happen. He believes that our present stage is currently the topmost rung of the evolutionary ladder. We shall continue to evolve. He fails to recognize that the evolutionary process did actually continue.

Man did not make it up the ladder.

The evolutionist does not realize this sad fact. Nor indeed, another, more pertinent one. That, the evolutionary process has ended. It ended a long time ago. Six thousand years ago, according to one estimate.

If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

The answer is there. It has always been there. The problem is that we are too arrogant to consider it.

Just as there are comedians regaling their audiences with the ‘why are there monkeys’ joke; there may well be little tadpoles tugging at their mothers fins asking “If we evolved from amoeba, why are there still amoeba? Equally, there may well be blobs of invisible matter asking “If we evolved from humans, why are there still humans?  Or elsewhere another form may be asking ‘If we evolved from blobs of invisible matter, why are there still blobs of invisible matter’?

The question would be asked at all stages of evolution. An answer would necessarily remain elusive but, at each stage, it would come a little closer to the truth. A stage would finally arrive when the question would become redundant.   There would be no need for the question because the answer would be known. It would be obvious to an all knowing, all seeing, all hearing entity; an omnipotent, omnipresent, omni everything, perfectly evolved, immaculate entity.

An entity that could say, “Let there be light”.

And there would be light.

If you believe in Evolution, you have to believe in God.

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