Friends keep suggesting that I write about “stuff” I have done or seen being done as it would make interesting reading. I wish I could. I really wish I could tell you of some amazing experiences of mine.

The problem is that I have signed the Official Secrets Act. This man made law prohibits me from telling the truth. And then there is the divine law which prevents me from telling lies. But mercifully, there is no law against telling stories.

And therefore, I will tell you a story. The story of a new, insidious, form of warfare was which was developed by a fighter pilot. He created the world’s most powerful computer worm that would infect computers across the globe. Post 9/11, that worm was launched across the World Wide Web. It was the opening salvo of Web based Warfare and it originated from Pakistan.

It was designed to be the ultimate war; the most pristine form of Jihad. The war is now a decade old but even today, not many know of it. No one knows of Electronic Jihad.

And, no one, absolutely no one, knows of Pervez Khan. But, worry not. I will tell you the story of that man. The story of Pervez Khan and his “E-Jihad”. You will come to know of the origins of a war that rages across the Internet even today.

I will tell you about the strategy and tactics of this war and how they evolved. I will narrate that amazing tale. But remember, it is only a story. It is just fiction. Don’t be misled into believing otherwise.

“E-JIHAD”, the book is now available on Amazon.com, both in paperback and Kindle versions. http://www.amazon.com/E-Jihad-Shahid-Khan/dp/969911200X/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1381122590&sr=8-6&keywords=e-Jihad

OR, if you do not mind profanity, you could opt for the unexpurgated version; PUCK


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