A country is like a sandwich. 

Just as a sandwich can range from the plain sugar butty; just butter sprinkled with sugar between two bread slices, to the spectacularly succulent Philly Cheesesteak, so can a country.

Pakistan is perhaps the most versatile sandwich of the globe. It is plain, it is exotic. It can be sizzling hot, lukewarm or cold. Multi layered or open faced. It can be meaty or leafy; or both. The meat can be red, white, dark, lean, fatty. Pakistan can be chicken, bull, venision, tiger and yes, even of the forbidden hell-dispatching pork. Pakistan the sandwich comes in all sizes and shapes with diverse fillings.

Taste it once and this I promise you; you will never forget it. You will be drawn to its majesty and its baseness, its beauty and its ugliness, its grandeur and its hollowness, its vastness, its compactness, its homogenity, its diversity, its brilliance and its darkness. Created with 180 odd million spices; some sweet, others sour, a few bitter, many pleasing to the palate, it encompasses all flavors. The mellow, the pungent; the heady, the sweet, the sour, the exalted and the base; Pakistan has a flavor no other sandwich will ever have.

Pakistan has one additional attribute which no other sandwich can ever have. It has one unique ingredient never to be found elsewhere.

It has me.

Pakistan is my sandwich.