1500 million Muslims; 15 million Jews.
Muslim countries: vast mineral resources; Israel: sand.
Muslims: net investors of billions into the US economy; Israel; a net drain of billions in grants, aid and other freebees from the United States.
Muslims: not very bright; Jews: sharp of intellect.

If you had to choose between them; which one would you befriend? The Muslims or the Jews? Conventional wisdom states that you’d go with the majority especially because it consists of dumb, rich guys. And yet, America elects to choose the Jews; it befriends Israel and, in doing so, it antagonizes the Muslim world.

There has to be a reason; a damn good reason for America to do so.
What exactly is it?

It cannot be religion.
Religion does not figure in the daily life of ordinary Americans. They are very content letting their neighbors pray to any god that they choose to. It is an undeniable fact that the United States is the most tolerant country in the world as far as religion is concerned. It is a nation where Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and followers of all faiths under the sun can live freely and in safety. It is a nation which protects the rights and beliefs of all. Violations of this fundamental national code do occur occasionally but these are far and few between and are invariably the work of individuals acting singly out of a misplaced sense of right and wrong.

It cannot be money.
The concept of handouts is alien to America. The US firmly subscribes to the belief that there is no such thing as a free meal. America is quite content to let its own citizens who are at the bottom rung of the economic and social scale walk the streets pushing handcarts, scrounge food in dumpsters, live in cardboard boxes in back alleys, wallow in their own vomit and urine because of its unshakeable belief that no one deserves any money without working for it. And yet it forks out tens of billions of dollars of its taxpayers money in direct and indirect support of the state of Israel which not only takes these funds but does so with arrogance and defiance. America then forks out many more billions to the Muslim nations to pacify and placate them. To prevent Muslim ire and extremism, America then spends hundreds of billions on defense and national security. It is difficult to put a figure to it but the amount of money spent by the United States in staying friends with Israel is a massive portion of its national budget.

It cannot be race color or nationality.
he original Jews were all Arabs. Today, the Jews are a disparate lot. Israel’s present population comprises all nationalities, all colors and all ethnic origins. Jews are black, brown, yellow, white. They are Russian, African, European, Asian, Chinese; as is America. The United States are a true melting pot of the human race. Americans come in every size, color, ethnicity, creed and culture. In the American perception, all are equal as far as race, color or origin is concerned.

It cannot be remorse.
It had nothing to do with the holocaust and yet America has elected to carry this burden. It is ironic that the people whose forbears are responsible for the persecution of the European Jews are quite content to take a back seat and let the United States redeem their guilt. Moreover, the Holocaust is also not the one and only evil deed perpetrated by Man against Man. It is but one of the many atrocities committed. It is perhaps the only one in which the majority of those responsible have been chased across the globe, found and executed. It is also the only atrocity against which the world community has instituted measures to ensure that such an event does not happen again. The fact is that the safety of the Jews has been ensured. Remorse, if any, has been dealt with adequately.

It cannot be morality.
The American support for Israel cannot be based on any moral value or any sense of justice. In fact, the United States is quite inexplicably willing to ignore any moral trespass that the Israeli nation commits against America. Incidents involving killing of American citizens by Israel are routinely glossed over; the perpetrators forgiven and forgotten. Be it the bombing of USS Liberty or the bulldozing of Rachel Corrie; America is quite willing to allow the Jewish state to trample over US citizens at will.

It cannot be love.
The average American does not care too much about Israel or the Jews. Or indeed, the Arabs. Americans are by nature a fair and impartial lot. They do not want any injustice against themselves and, in a belief rooted in true moral fairness; they wish the same for all others.

It cannot be hate.
Hate is not an American thing. They have proven this time and again. Whenever a crisis or calamity has occurred, they have rallied to the assistance of even those with whom they have serious issues. America will put aside its own prejudices and sentiments in favor of promoting justice, life, liberty and happiness.

It cannot be expansionism.
Americans are, by and large, an insular lot. They do not have any demonstrated desire to establish an empire. Americans do not have much time for issues that do not directly affect their lives and are fully occupied in pursuing the inherently elusive American dream.

It cannot be democracy.
America is quite content to ignore the desire and wishes of one and a half billion Muslims of the world to favor of about six million Israelis who insist upon living in a country carved out of another peoples nation. This from a nation that prides itself for its democratic values and its constitutional dictate that while the rights of the minorities need to be protected, it is the desire of the majority that has to determine the course of events.

It cannot be insecurity.
America does not need Israel for securing its borders; indeed, the reverse is true. Israel needs America as it is the United States that provides security to the Jewish state. Ironic in the extreme, as it does so, America compromises its own security needs.


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