It works for rallies; it works for public meetings. It works for religious marches and it works for any occasion where traffic discipline is required.

Bright, eager, dedicated young volunteers controlling and directing traffic.

We need to take it up one notch. To a national level.

Recruit College and University students.
Students enrolled in Bachelor programs or professional colleges.
By the thousands.
Educated, caring, patriotic Pakistanis.
Young, Bright and Hopeful
Medically fit, Morally upright.
Idealists, Uncorruptible.
Males, Females; Both.
Put them through a short, intense, training course.
Their task: to enhance traffic discipline whenever they are on the road.
Traffic Management Officers
Going to or coming from their colleges.
No pay; no burden on City governments.
But perks and privileges
Free petrol, uniform,
And an incentive…..

Each successful trainee allowed import of one heavy, police standard motorbike.
Engine size, make, communications equipment etc. colors, etc. defined.
Duty free. Non transferable for four years.
The commitment: Four years of pro bono service.
Could involve USAID, CIDA, JICA, DFID etc. for subsidizing cost of the machine.
Outstanding participants can opt for permanent employment in the Police Force.

Let them be everywhere.
Educating motorists, drivers, taxicabs, females.
Preventing illegalities.
Removing tinted screens, illegal number plates
Checking roadworthiness.
Working lights, brakes, exhausts.
Checking all; Military, Government, Diplomatic.
ALL; repeat, ALL.
Imposing fines.
Impounding where necessary.

Expand their role to Citizens Assistance Force.
Provide safety, support and assistance to Public.
Crowd control, queue management.
Preventing littering,
spitting, wall marking, defacing public property


  1. The idea is excellent Shahid, possibly revolutionary. But:
    What will be the role of the existing traffic police? As it is, they feel threatened by ‘connected’ violators! They will see this as another threat to their “livelihood” which consists more of ‘abnormal’ intake rather than salary!

    • In my mind the existing traffic police would be deployed on duties other than routine traffic managment. The officer cadre would still be fully involved in managing and guiding the new, educated lot. Supervision would still be required because, in the final analysis, these bright young idealists are from the same stock and there are many forces who would like to corrupt them as they have done in all previous cases.

  2. Great ideas Sir: Let us think positive to implement them and answer the 4 W’s and an H— Who are the people in authority to implement them? Where can we find them? Why would they agree? What techniques can be adopted to influence them? How these ideas can be implemented?
    Good Luck to all.

  3. Dear Sir, there has to be a minimum age . How do you suggest to ensure that this young force does not miss use its authority and the motor bikes you are suggesting. How about a compulsary service before they are issued a university degree.? Regards

  4. Dear Sir, Salam. Its a doable scheme and is being practiced by variuos organisation during religious rituals. In my humble opinion it needs to be tried at a small town first to smoothen the rough edges and solve all the theething problems.A proper PC 1 must be made by a project designer with specific time lines. All the stake holders must be on board. A local media should run a traffic awareness campaign and introduce the new traffic management system to the general masses. Local political leadership must give full support. This may seem a bit bookish but it has to be done to ensure 0 failure rate. God Bless you.Profound regards. Amjad.

  5. Shahid that is absolutely brilliant.
    Muddassir – I thik if you read Shahid’s statement you will find the answer to the 4-W and 1-H, that is what he has answered. He spelled out the problem, which all of us do all the time, then he gave a solution too. Yes – it can be done

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