It works for rallies; it works for public meetings. It works for religious marches and it works for any occasion where traffic discipline is required.

Bright, eager, dedicated young volunteers controlling and directing traffic.

We need to take it up one notch. To a national level.

Recruit College and University students.
Students enrolled in Bachelor programs or professional colleges.
By the thousands.
Educated, caring, patriotic Pakistanis.
Young, Bright and Hopeful
Medically fit, Morally upright.
Idealists, Uncorruptible.
Males, Females; Both.
Put them through a short, intense, training course.
Their task: to enhance traffic discipline whenever they are on the road.
Traffic Management Officers
Going to or coming from their colleges.
No pay; no burden on City governments.
But perks and privileges
Free petrol, uniform,
And an incentive…..

Each successful trainee allowed import of one heavy, police standard motorbike.
Engine size, make, communications equipment etc. colors, etc. defined.
Duty free. Non transferable for four years.
The commitment: Four years of pro bono service.
Could involve USAID, CIDA, JICA, DFID etc. for subsidizing cost of the machine.
Outstanding participants can opt for permanent employment in the Police Force.

Let them be everywhere.
Educating motorists, drivers, taxicabs, females.
Preventing illegalities.
Removing tinted screens, illegal number plates
Checking roadworthiness.
Working lights, brakes, exhausts.
Checking all; Military, Government, Diplomatic.
ALL; repeat, ALL.
Imposing fines.
Impounding where necessary.

Expand their role to Citizens Assistance Force.
Provide safety, support and assistance to Public.
Crowd control, queue management.
Preventing littering,
spitting, wall marking, defacing public property

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