The first step towards fixing Pakistan is recognizing ourselves. Unless we know what we really are; unless we are able to accept reality, no fix is possible. It is not sufficient that we delude ourselves that we are God’s chosen few. The real problem is that we fail to assimilate the fact that HE does not seem to be too interested in our welfare; ‘His chosen ones’ and he disburses his largesse and bounties upon all the other ‘infidels’.

We need  to awaken from our reverie. Recognize ourselves.


…………………………. there was nothing too complex or devious about him or his people. They were children all; both emotionally and mentally. By some strange, cruel joke of nature, their bodies had matured but their brains remained locked in a juvenile form. Behind twirled mustaches, beefy exteriors, ample paunches, gaits, and guttural voices—behind their mature physiques, Pakistanis were actually trapped firmly in a child’s world. They were children both in thoughts and actions. Their thought processes and reasoning were a curious mixture of impishness, naïveté, simplicity, and tantrum-throwing typical of a juvenile. Captains of industry or roadside vendors, generals of the battlefield or alms-seeking beggars, Pakistanis were children at heart and childish in their actions. Every adult, irrespective of his status and demeanor, was, in fact, an irresponsible adolescent.

“We are not supposed to be responsible for our actions; we are free to do as we please. If we are caught, we express surprise and resentment. If things are not going the way we want them to, we promptly throw a tantrum. Our perception of right and wrong is simply based on our needs and the prevailing environment. Our respect for the law is very similar to the attitude of a juvenile toward rules and regulations. Laws are meant to be broken. If we can get away with it, well and good, if caught, then we must resort to anger, pleading, begging; whatever it takes to get us of the hook. We are exempted from all concern about right or wrong, truth or falsehood, legal or illegal.

“We are a free people. Free from slavery, free from occupation, free from subjugation. Sadly, however, we are also free of responsibility, unhampered by any disciplining constraints. We are free to do as we please, whenever we please, and in whatever manner it pleases us. We do not care about self-discipline, we do not have any personal code of ethics, nor do we have any worry about peer pressure. Everything is all right as long as we are not caught in the act, and when caught, it is perfectly acceptable to behave brazenly, lie glibly, deny everything.

“And just as a juvenile is extremely self conscious and desirous of public adulation, we too are obsessed with ‘Honor.’ We are willing to go to any lengths and act in the most unethical manner just to ensure that our ‘honor’ is not compromised. We are quite comfortable demeaning ourselves in private in the chambers of our superiors while ensuring that our public image does not suffer. We emerge from our bosses’ offices having compromised our dignity and principles in every which way, twirling our mustaches, giving the impression that it was we who really chewed the boss out.”


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