December, 2003

I am reasonably sure that Saddam Hussein would not have realized the profundity of the phrase he coined over thirteen years ago. To his mind, it was perhaps just a catchy and emotional term used to describe the impending war with the Coalition Forces following his invasion of Kuwait. In the event, the war was a relatively short one and the Mother of All Battles turned into a calamitous rout. But then, in his egoistic endeavor to coin a jingoistic phrase, Saddam unwittingly managed to find the most fitting, indeed the perfect, label for that misadventure. The First Gulf War was definitely the Mother of all Battles; only it was not a Mother in the figurative sense that Saddam intended. It was the Mother of All Battles in a literal, procreative sense! The events that have unfolded since 1990 have clearly demonstrated that Desert Storm was indeed a Mother! A horribly fertile, gestating monster that has spawned a litter of evil and horrific Children! It was the parent whose malevolent progeny have since dominated World Affairs and wreaked untold havoc across the globe. These iniquitous children begotten by that evil Mother have created a veritable web of disaster and tragedies across the globe. Their presence ranges wide; from the poverty ridden ghettos of Sudan to the pleasure spots of Bali, from the bluewater piers of Oman to the steel and glass skyscrapers ofManhattan, from the rocky caves of Afghanistan to the leafy jungles of the Philippines. Each progeny more devious, more horrific and more deformed that the previous one. The latest offspring of this fertile Mother is Operation Enduring Freedom, the “war for the liberation of Iraq”. Never before has the world witnessed such a battle, totally unnecessary and stunningly evil. Both in its execution and in the aftermath, one cannot but fail to be amazed at the horrific acts perpetrated by the “liberator” upon those that have been liberated. Other seeds have already been planted, the fertile mother breeding yet again. Other malevolent spawn are nearing maturity. More evil is in the process of being delivered onto a helpless world. Syria, Iran, Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cuba, multiple delivery rooms, multiple theaters. Labor is about to begin. The tortured world waits resignedly. The mother is dead; the father alive and with a grin all across his face, from ear to ear, from shore to shining shore.