We seem to be in general agreement that there is a plot to defang and sort out Pakistan.
If this be true, then what must we do?
It is here that we run into a brick wall.
Close all the borders; go into lockdown mode: OK. Although it has not been accomplished ever, there may be a first time.
Put aside our differences. Form a government of National Unity: Come up with a united plan. OK. Has never happened, but maybe there is a first time.
Even if we do figure out what to do, what then?
What would that plan be?
Most likely it would be along the lines of “Stand up to those who plot against us; boldly proclaim our sovereignty”.
It’s a Great plan; but can somebody explain exactly how the standing up will be done?
Kick the aid offer?
Tell them to quit messing with us or……?
Or what?
What exactly do we do if they don’t do what we ask them to do?
Can someone then predict the Western response to whatever ‘or’ we come up with?

Would it not be fair to state that this is what Pakistan has been trying to ‘stand up’ to the plotters in its own limited way for some time now?
Is it not correct to state that this is what Musharraf did (albeit belatedly)?
How did the West respond?
Could it be that our present situation is because we did try to stand up to the West?
How well are we doing thus far in standing up?
They asked for Pakistan to help fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Pakistan refused; rightly so.
Pakistan would not go to the Taliban.
So they pushed the Taliban into Pakistan.
Fight, you will, they planned.
Now Pakistan fights the Taliban in Pakistan.
Suits them fine.
And the Taliban too.
Swat is much more pleasant than the wastelands of Afghanistan.

There was once a man that stood up to the West.
They wanted him to fall in line or else.
He chose ‘else’.
His name was Saddam Hussain.
They pulverized his country and strung him up.

There was once a man America wanted.
His name was Osama Bin Laden.
They asked the country he was in to hand him over.
The country said NO.
That country was Afghanistan.
They bombed the hell out of that impoverished country.
There was not much to destroy in that wasteland.
Yet they did.
They sent ‘boots on ground’.
They moved in.
More are coming.

This is how they play in the real world.
In Pakistan it works somewhat differently.
How differently?
We need to go back to 1976 to understand this.

There was then a Japanese wrestler named ANTONIO INOKU.
He came to Pakistan to fight our LION of the PUNJAB, our world champion; AKRAM PEHLAWAN, part of the BHOLU Brothers wrestling team.
Very early in the match, INOKU ended up in an armlock over AKRAM.
Through an interpreter, INOKU asked that AKRAM surrender.
Or he would break his arm.
The Pakistani refused; replying instead with patriotic, emotional bluster.
The crowd roared in delight.
Here was a ‘Sher e Punjab’ standing up to a heathen, a foreigner.
INOKU asked again.
Our guy refused again.
The crowd danced with joy; emotions ran high.
INOKU asked a third time that Akram surrender.
Once again, the Pakistani refused.
The trapped wrestler proclaimed his proud heritage.
“Oai, Ay Ghairat da mamla Hai”.
The stadium erupted in hysterical patriotism.

INOKU broke the helpless but defiant Pakistani’s arm.

The fight ended.
Almost before it had started.
The crowd abused the foreigner.
And the LION also.
For cheating them out of a show.
Our wrestler was carried out crying like a baby.
Literally whimpering.
That was the last fight AKRAM ever fought.
He died eleven years later.
His arm healed but his broken spirit never did.

Akram is Pakistan personified.
That is the way we are.
Pride before Prudence.
Rhetoric before Intellect.

As they say in the Urdu speaking world:

 3rd June, 2009