I am a Muslim. 

I entered this world as a Muslim, born to Muslim parents. At home I learnt about religion from my mother and father; both through example and guidance. My initial schooling was in Christian missionary schools where Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters taught us Arts, Literature, Science and Sports.  They also taught us how to be good human beings.


Growing up, I reinforced those values through a continuous study of the Quran and Sunnah. I learnt much also from interacting with believers of all the major faiths and, indeed, some minor ones also. Over time, I have come to understand the universal nature of good and evil; I have come to appreciate the intrinsic goodness of His finest creation as well as the evil that Man is capable of.

I am from Him and to Him I shall return and, on the appointed Day, I shall submit to His judgment on how good or bad a  Muslim I had been. Until that happens, I shall continue to seek His bounty and His protection. And I shall strive to serve Him as best as I find possible. 

Judging my Muslim stature is His domain; not that of my fellow mortals.